Pioneer Products


Centrifugal Monoblock Pumpsets

Power Range:0.5HP AND 1 HP
Total Head: Up to 32.0 mtrs.
Flow Rate: Up to 4000 LPH.

Product Features

• Suitable in wide voltage variation with greater performance in low voltage.
• Winding safe due to in-built thermal oveerload protector with high current sensor.
• Class 'B' insulation to resist in case of excessive heating.
• High quality bearings are used for smoth runnig and long life.
• Stampings are used of high quality electric grade for better efficiency.
• Anti corrosive stainless steel shaft for years of commisioning.
• Casings and impellers are made of higher C.I. grade to withstand heavy load of water and having smooth finish of internal vanes/passages for better hydraulic performance.
• Impeller is dynamically balanced for vibration free running & longer bearing life.
• Enduring leakage proof operation due to mechanical seal having
• sealing arrangement with graphited asbestos gland packing for low maintenance.(3.0 to 7.5HP).
• Easy maintenance with interchangeable spare parts. • Better aesthetics with C.I. neatly finned motor body. • All components are machined on CNC machines with very close tolerances which reduces noise, vibrations, wearing, current, heat ultimately increase product life.
• Full proof design for minimum maintenance and consistency in performance.
• Low power consumption with respect to performance.


• Used for industrial and agriculture water needs. • Used for water supply in residential
colonies,bungalows,high rise buildings,hotels and hospitals. • Water circulation for power plants and in various requirements in process industries.
• Gardening and in construction work.